Foreclosures in Sedona

Yes we have them… that’s the answer to the most popular question directed to all Sedona agents.   They’ve certainly populated the market here and driven prices down – and I want to make sure that you see the link on my homepage that has a button for ANYBODY to search the MLS for Sedona Foreclosures and Sedona Short Sales.  Be warned in advance however because they’re not all GREAT deals when you consider the deferred maintenance.  For example – by the time a home forecloses – the owner hasn’t made a payment for a year or more.  And certainly before they quit making payments, they knew things were getting away from them and they’d quit spending money to maintain the home.  So, you’re looking at an average of 2-3 years of deferred maintenance – and if we’re talking about a Southwest style of Santa Fe style home with a flat roof and stucco exterior – be wary.  Many foreclosed homes have had roof issues – so be prepared to do a professional home inspection and consider doing a separate roof inspection if the home warrants it.  There are good deals and there are lemons… so speak to your agent about the home that you think is a “great deal”!