End of Gov’t assistance for Sedona home buyers

Well… the time has come and gone for the first time buyers $8000 credit and the move-up $6500 credit.  We didn’t see too much activity here in town as a result of these incentives though.   We get very few first time homebuyers due to the cost of housing… and the restrictions were a little tough on the move-up credit for many buyers to take advantage.  Regardless, it’s one less incentive for you to purchase a home – which means that we’re headed in the correct direction when it comes to the overall Sedona real estate market.  Our inventory is shrinking, prices have stabilized and it looks to be a good time to buy a home in Sedona.  Many locals feel that we’ve rounded the bend and headed towards better times for the real estate market – can a balanced market be far behind?  We’re already in a balanced market for the sub-$400k market – if we sell more homes in upper ranges, we’ll eat away the inventory and take the steering wheel out of the buyers hands!